In beginning of the paragraph yo should have a guiding main idea in pursuing a ph.d program I plan to apply an experienced mechanistic physiologic research to bring in you need expect respect so they talk about their future goals so they’ve kind of put it in a different order which is it’s okay and then they talk about why they’re a good fit I’m drawn to Duke’s ph.d program they gave lots of details specifically professor xx and so they talked about the specific fessor and their research and as you can see on the side here the editor writes can write any comments about this paper I read a lot more than this actually a lot of editors will write a lot of comments because if your essay is if we think there’s things that you can’t prove it’s very interesting for editors to write comments. Learn how to deal with editing and commentary at  Robotdon.

If you send in an interesting essay honestly you will get better you’ll get better anything because editors are the same as review faculty they want to read something nice and make it a little bit they don’t want to I I have to make this good but it’s better to really put a lot of effort into it that’s pretty much all I have to say so if you have any questions this time I’m open to we’re open to questions thank you for being patient yes four SOPs realize that it’s not always good to win my ass obese the Korean my series on the side by side that engages obviously they don’t want they wouldn’t want to see things on TV on it’s okay right so it’s it’s it’s more like they you can have those things on there you just have to put them in the context and you’re not just saying and this year I did this this year I did this that’s your really like putting that into why is it important you know it’s like if you have a story about a biography about a famous person right and then you have an outline.

Like say it’s a President Lincoln or something and you just it has like four born this day and dying this they did this this but if you really like a page about his life it’s a lot more interesting to see what that detail was how it fit into his biography they think about it in terms of a story then those TV details are super important but just don’t listen and they kind of have to fit into because for me I have a lot more to talk then my or experience a dynamic when I could I’m in history so I guess I had to spend a lot of time in a lot of words for explaining the connections and my work experience so I’m just asking you if I can every good and committed if you not to which is your library and my work experience unattended what is mostly reading yeah so on the CV is only here education applause the educational experience.

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